NuVue Raised Garden Box Kit, Extra Tall, White

NuVue Raised 48 by 48 by 15.5-Inch Garden Box Kit
NuVue Raised Garden Bed Box Kit is a perfect box to help you establish the garden you have always dreamed of. This gardening box is designed from a durable, UV resistant, white vinyl material that is mold, rust, and rot-free. You simply need to fill it with soil and proceed to grow your favorite flowers, fruits, vegetables or herbs.

You don’t have to worry about insects, pets or direct sunlight from damaging your plants because the box is compatible with Bug N Shade covers, shrub covers, and frost covers. Also, you don’t need any tool to assemble or install this garden bed box. It features a snap lock system and locking tongue-in-groove sides which require less skill to install than the traditional standing seam.

It is easier to clean and will look like new all year round.

If you are looking for a garden bed box to help you beautifies your yard, this option from NuVue is worth considering.

The perfect gardening tool to help you grow whatever you want! Gardening has never been so easy and NuVue Products Raised 48 by 48 by 15.5-Inch Garden Box Kit, Extra Tall, White New Price: (as of 02/28/2020 01:59 UTC) will get the work done.

One of the raised beds problems is how to put together all parts but not with this. From all raised beds this is the easiest to assembly.

nuvu-garden-bed-empty-gardeningassetExcellent for tomatoes or any deep roots plant.

Good product reviews, over 80% rates 5 and 4 stars from customers. Our rating is 8.4/10 and we recommend this gardening box kit.